True to your heart

27. Oktober 2017, 18:00 - 19:00

Henriken, Wergelandsveien 5, 0167 Oslo

Is it easy to make a choice? Can you decide what will happen to you in some years?

Sofie chooses the way to go and George chooses his way, but can they choose each other? They start in the same City and fall in love, but how they deal with their love is quite different from each other.
This is a modern play for two actors written by Kris Sky and directed by Eva Dons.

Sofie - Kris Sky
George - Kevin Gow

20 october at 18:00 - doors open from 17:45
27 october at 18:00 - doors open from 17:45

Scene: Henriken Bar & Scene
Wergelandsveien 5

Some beautiful songs will be performed by our actors, and you'll experience passion, tenderness. happiness and sadness composed together by our director Eva Dons.

Music used in the play:
- Misty - text by Johnny Burke, music by Errol Garner
- At last I say.. - text by B. Ahmadulina, music by A. Petrov
- Waltz from film "St. Petersburg secrets" - music O.Petrov and A. Petrov
- "On Raglan Road" - by Patrick Kavanagh
- Traditional irish songs:
"The lark in the morning"
"Drowsy Maggy"
"Dever the dancer"

Come and see - you'll never forget it :-)

General Admission