15. August 2019, 15:00 - 18. August 2019, 11:30

531 75 Järpås, 531 75 Järpås

Before we dive into another busy schedules after summer, i invite you to join me to a long weekend Yoga Retreat on Jarpås, Skaraborg Sweden which is 2hr and 30mins drive from Halden. I will be hosting only 10 people in a very spacious country side old school style house with a  preserved gym inside. The surroundings are quiet and relaxing. This is a great way for you to step back, recharge and meet amazing people.

I had planned an entirely different Yoga Retreat which will be an experience to remember. We have a perfect picture on our mind how retreat should be; lovely hotel, ready meals, nice wine tasting, spa and incredible island hopping.

In this Yoga Retreat there will be none of these but there will be:

- an adventure to learn and create lovely healthy vegetarian meals together

- teamwork to tidy up

- deepen your Yoga understanding

- learn what is Mala Necklace and create your own

- exciting group activites

- explore new place

- most importantly, have your  ‘ME TIME’!

Going on a Yoga Retreat SHOULD give you a reason to travel with a purpose. This is a perfect time for personal growth, which is a fantastic added benefit.

We will just have a short weekend so i packed in all the ideas i have on these days. Below are the activity plans for the specific day.


15.00 Arrival day / Welcome / Meet and Greet!

16.30 60mins Vinyasa Flow

18.00 Dinner prep / Dinner


8.00 Morning Yoga

9.20 Breakfast prep / Breakfast

11.00 Mala Making

13.00 Light lunch + fruit

13.30 Siesta or continue on Mala Making

16.00 Tea time + Group Activity

16.30 Guided Meditation / Fit to Fly to Flow Yoga Class

18.00 Dinner prep / Dinner


8.00 Morning Yoga

9.20 Breakfast Prep / Breakfast

11.00 Group activity + How Yoga Massage Help Us

13.00 Light lunch + fruit

13.30 Partner Activity

15.00 Ut på tur aldri sur

17.00 Guided Meditation / Core Vinyasa

18.30 Dinner Prep / Dinner

21.00 Closing Night Ceremony


8.30 Morning Yoga

9.45 Breakfast prep / Breakfast

11.30 Farewell

All activities will be outdoor as long as the weather allows us to be outside. Option to use the big spacious indoor gym. Sign up to or send direct message on facebook. You can also contact me via tlp. +47 45191080. Exact location address and RETREAT WAIVER will be given upon registration. 

Paymenst can be done via VIPPS or but with additional kr.99.99 fee.



Early bird - kr.3250 If you sign up and pay before July 7, 2019

Normal retreat price - kr.3600 payable LATEST a week after registration.

(All food, shared room and handcraft materials are included to the given price)

What to bring:

- yoga mat

- yoga props (belts and blocks)

- personal water bottle

- personal towels (for the entire weekend)

- toiletries

- changing clothes

For other inquiries, kindly send me a message via sms, email or simply call.


Edna Reyes Malaki is an experienced International Yoga Teacher and founder of The YogiLab. She have a background in Management and worked as a Marketing Manager in one of the big Insurance company in the Philippines. She move to Norway more than a decade ago and started a new career as a licensed Dental Health Service.

Active cheer leader and dancer on her early years. She fell inlove with running after moving to Norway and have been joining Marathons before her injury happened.

She found Yoga as a replacement after her reoccuring injury. This was introduced by her best friend who is a Fitness/Health instructor and Yoga Teacher from Virginina, USA. She started from home yoga practice to attending different workshops of most recognized international Yoga Teachers around the world.

After few years of home Yoga, she followed her heart and took her Yoga Teachers Training in Yoga Shala Institute in Spain and now have a title of RYT 300 Hatha / Vinyasa under the international organization Yoga Alliance. After a year, she took a Chair Yoga certification teaching private classes to elderly and pregnant women.

Also known as @ecstrom on Instagram, she collaborates with different Yoga Teachers around the globe creating Instagram Yoga challenges, workshops, retreats, festivals and doing charities. In addition to her YouTube channel, YOGA 101 with Edna, she created  Facebook Group: YOGA4YOU HALDEN which she focuses on local Yoga practitioners. Doing class recapvideos, giving awareness on proper Asana practice and engagement on local events/charities. Another one is the NORDIC YOGA COMMUNITY which she invites different Yoga Teachers around the globe as guest speakers and share a Facebook Live to the members for free. This is to give awareness and show different teaching styles and variations.

Edna believes that Yoga practice is beneficial to everyBODY regardless gender, age, religion, status and flexibility. Yoga has been a grounding and uplifting force in her own life. She is reminded everyday that Yoga is a continuous journey and learning.