Performance Lab med Jeanine Durning

10. Juli 2017, 12:30 - 16:30

Teateret, Kristiansand, 4610 Kristiansand


This workshop is based on the practice I call nonstopping. Nonstopping creates a state that moves us past our learned choices and behaviors so that we can deepen our attention to subconscious thoughts, feelings and perceptions, coming to form and action, namely through a circular series of nonstop moving, speaking and writing. This is a practice that potentially brings us closer to understanding and being comfortable with the inherent structures of our thinking (eclectic, idiosyncratic, and often paradoxical) which manifest directly in our actions, behaviors, and communications, as well as in our performance choices and compositions. Nonstoppingworks with uncensoring movement and speech as radical acts of freedom. Accepting not-knowing and the not-yet as generative states of being/doing, we’ll create, and build on, frames and scores to help sharpen the tools of choice-making in the moment, and to challenge our relationship to presence and performance, our understanding of composition and structure, and our notions of ‘should’ and ‘should not.’ We will work as a group, in pairs, and solo. All levels, all people, all disciplines welcome. Please just bring your basic, unfiltered desire to move, a willingness to articulate uncensored thought, and a notebook.