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Billetter fra 100,00 NOK



28. Februar 2020, 22:00 - 29. Februar 2020, 03:30


We proudly present a real energy booster within the Hard-Psy and Reverse Bass genre. Coming all the way from Ireland he is set to perform his first show in Norway →



Arnet [NO]
Matzic [NO]

Hosted by:
MC Ruud [NO]


This night will be filled with energetic music, surprising party effects and light shows that will definitely make you go crazy and bring you good vibes. 

Let’s celebrate the start of 2020 and a new area in the Norwegian clubbing scene. Together we are creating an EpicWeekend!  

► Early Early Bird Pre-Sale: 100 NOK - SOLD OUT
► Early Bird Tickets: 150 NOK 
► Regular Tickets: 200 NOK 
Ticket Info:  

► The Club, Oslo
► ID 20 (Photo-ID)
► Doors Open At 22:00 (10PM)

Table Packages and Reservations:

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PS: Tickets are non-refundable.
You don't want to miss this -> Epic Event!


Paul is an International DJ/Producer based in Ireland who has played in places such as Thailand, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and the UK to name a few. He plays Hard-Psy and Reverse Bass, and his bootlegs will blow your mind!
With his hard beats and high energy, he is ready to bring the madness all the way from Ireland to Norway for the first time!

Arnet is a 25 year old music producer and DJ from Norway. He started his musical journey in 2012, exploring the world of melodies and chords. Since his beginning he has released several original songs and remixes; In 2018 he released his hit single "That Look" which was added to New Music Friday Norway and after only 5 days hit the Norway Top 50 Viral chart at spot #34. In 2019 he released 2 singles "Closer" and "Castle in the Sky" and also a remix of Tones and I's "Dance Monkey" which has over 700.000 streams on SoundCloud. Through catchy melodies and inspiring lyrics he takes his fans and listeners on a musical journey full of surprises.
Arnet is our resident DJ and will once again deliver his harmonic sets for EpicWeekend.

Fresh project from Norway launched by Lars ( previously known from his successful Years alias) who is teaming up with the crazy talented Kate. Together they bring us a very special vibe resulting in a beautiful hands-in-the-air songs with is hyper- infectious on all fronts. Comprising well-placed beats and catchy vocals, KAY is here for those who love to open their eyes and dream and groove away.

We present Matzic! Two seemingly different people united by two sacred things, heavy kicks and melodies. Sharing the passion for the harder styles, be ready to go HARD when they enter the stage!

With a career spanning a decade, MC Ruud has joined forces on stage with the biggest names in Hardstyle, Rawstyle and Hardcore.
His style is diverse, ruthless, funny and loud.
Crowd interaction, knowing when to speak and when to listen and even moshing with the crowd are his biggest strengths.

MC Ruud has been THE resident MC for the harder styles in Norway for ten years, but it doesnt stop there.
He has traveled Europe, and has MCed in England, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany and France.

Songs MC Ruud has been featured on:
Da Tweekaz - The Past (2008), Da Tweekaz - Carnival (2013), Sanctorium - The Game (2016), DopeMonkeys - Sandstorm (2016), Kay-Mo - Titans (2018), Destructive Tendencies & Caine - The Underworld (2019)


The Club Oslo The Scotsman


The Club - Oslo The Club - Oslo, Karl Johans gate 17, 0159 Oslo

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