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Beer vs. Wine: The Dining Experience

8. Juni 2017, 19:00 - 21:00

Smelteverket/Soul's Kitchen Catering, Maridalsveien 17A, 0178 Oslo

Champagneria and Smelteverket come together for one exclusive night and give you their heart and soul on a platter!

(or several plates and glasses of beer and wine, if you will)

We, as a family, unite on this day and create a four-course tapas meal. Each plate will be paired with the most appropriate beer or wine.



- Grilled French chèvre with honey

White French goat cheese with Akasie honey.

(Contains milk)

- Patatas Bravas with Albondigas

Classic Spanish potatoes with bravas sauce and aioli served with Spanish meatballs and homemade aromatic tomato sauce.

(contains egg, mustard)

above menu served with Champagneria's selection of wines.


- Crispy salmon tataki bites

served with wakami salad and wasabi aioli

(contains: fish, garlic, seafood, sesame, nuts, egg, horseradish, soy)

- Pil Pil scampi kebab

Mini shawarma (kebab) with pil pil scampi. Served with lime dressing

(contains: seafood, garlic, egg gluten)

above menu served with Smelteverket's selection of beers.


- all plates are small tapas plates. all of them together will amount to a small meal

- price includes drinks and food

- menu (food and drinks) is set and paired with specific beers and wine of the hosts' choice. no exceptions or alterations made

- attendance is only with ticket purchace before the event. no drop ins

- no refunds after ticket purchace

- age minimum: 20 years old

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