17th May 2020 Solli Plass

Henrik Ibsens gate 100, 0255 Oslo
17. Mai 2020, 18:00
18. Mai 2020, 03:00
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Billetter 200,00 NOK - 300,00 NOK
Billetter 200,00 NOK - 300,00 NOK
We at Nox & Sollihagen invite to celebrate May 17 at Solli Plass Sollihagen / Nox from 11.00.
(serving starts at 12:00).

All tickets and tables are with arrival no later than 13.00.

It will be possible to buy entrance in the door, but it pays to buy online. We only pre-sell a small percentage of the tickets.

We have some tables it is possible to reserve, including on a revamped podium with great views of the entire area.


ID 20 years

For table reservation: booking@clubnox.no

Purchased tickets are non-refundable.
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17th May 2020 Solli Plass

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